Gentry works to forge close relationships
with its clients

We are keenly familiar with what each differing type of client requires.
Read from the listing below and let us know which one you are.

Professionals and Corporate Executives

Gentry understands the needs and requirements of progressive financial and tax planning for today’s professional and corporate executive. Whether your primary compensation is derived from W2 income, partnership interests, or if you also have financial considerations in the form of stock options, restricted stock, and long and short term bonuses, Gentry can implement a plan that suits your specific circumstance as well as any applicable regulation and/or desires of the paying organization. Drawing upon the utilization of option strategies or the facilitation of borrowing against equity holdings may be part of the approach that Gentry has at its resources.

Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

When your job is centered on creating products/services and managing systems that, in turn, provide jobs for others, implementing a flexible, realistic financial plan for yourself commonly never makes it off the to-do list. If you are an innovator or creator in today’s marketplace, Gentry applauds your efforts. And moreover, we want to ensure that your own financial planning is not stifled while your attention is ever-focused on running your business and facilitating your dreams.

New Wealth

Perhaps you’ve sold a business, inherited a windfall, or simply transitioned from earning money to focusing more on how much of it that you have. You may find yourself realizing that you need a trusted adviser and partner that can assist in the management of these assets to provide life-long, and perhaps legacy, income. Gentry can be that partner. We specialize in steering the ship as much or as little as you need us to in the deployment of your asset map.

Generational Family Wealth

Have you put forth your efforts year after year to accumulate wealth that you’d like to transition to your children, grandchildren, and beyond? Gentry stands waiting to provide you with options and solutions that work to satisfy long-term financial, tax, and estate planning goals and requirements that work together in seamless and efficient unison. Our desire is to work with you to position what you’ve built in the proper vehicles that carry on your heritage in the ways that you design.

Sports and Entertainment Professionals

Our clients in industries such as these find themselves envied by many. From a financial perspective, however, you may be earning (or may soon earn) the most money you will ever make in your career and only be in your 20’s and 30’s. While thinking about financial longevity for you and your family may seem like a task to consider after retirement, it is crucial that steps be implemented now to ensure financial predictability after your performance days have ended. Learn from the mistakes of so many others, and let Gentry work on the aspects of your financial game that complement the successes that you’ve earned.

Physicians and Medical Professionals

Gentry understands that working long hours and dedicating yourself to the service and well-being of others commonly results in a lack of planning for yourself; or worse, entrusting your hard-earned savings to an ineffective wealth manager. Choose to work with a team of financial professionals who stand side by side along with you, putting in the long hours, so that your security now and in your retirement years is intimately and thoughtfully cared for.