Enjoying your assets is as important as preserving and growing them.

The Gentry method to investing is a diversified approach employing both traditional and non-traditional investments, such as unique private equity opportunities. This comprehensive approach allows us to ensure a client’s collective assets are working together to effectively meet their set goals. If you are ready to experience wealth management at its finest, you are ready to experience Gentry.

Growth Managed

Gentry’s intimate size gives our advisors the time to nurture and invest in our client relationships. These relationships allow us to better understand your personal and strategic goals and to build a portfolio that reflects those goals. Beginning with a global blueprint, Gentry’s asset allocation approach is one often used by the largest endowments and institutions in the world. This investment methodology aims to produce consistent, attractive long-term results.

Agility Managed

This new era of investing requires more flexibility and agility not just in your portfolio, but also from your advisor. At Gentry, our advisors use a variety of financial tools to tailor a custom financial plan based on your unique goals and objectives. Gentry’s boutique nature ensures each client works directly with an executive advisor who has the freedom to build an individualized plan versus the biased investment strategies offered by many financial institutions.