Christopher J. Bowman

Founding Member

Driven by over 20 years of financial industry experience, Mr. Bowman has embraced the notion that there is ˝no one size˝ fits all investment plan. Each clients needs and goals are as wide-ranging as the products designed to meet them, and as founder of Gentry, Mr. Bowman wanted to build a truly independent firm from the ground up, one that catered to a diverse group of individuals and families and offered a wide range of products coupled with unbiased advice. In doing so, he is able to take a holistic approach to the planning process, taking the time to get to know his clients goals and putting them on the path to achieving them. This process always begins with investor education, and his firm has hosted many seminars and workshops for investors looking to understand their options, including Annuities: The Good, The Bad, and The Fine Print and Building an All-Weather Portfolio. Mr. Bowman specializes in retirement and pre-retirement planning, wealth preservation, and insurance strategies. While he may offer a variety of alternative investments, he recognizes the value of insurance products as part of a well-rounded portfolio, including fixed and variable annuities, both of which offer income and tax solutions. Mr. Bowman partners with a variety of top-rated insurance companies in order to offer some of the most innovative investment vehicles available in today’s market. To add to his vast overall experience and knowledge in the financial and insurance marketplace, Mr. Bowman has had a unique background working in and around the investment banking niche, having worked on a number of projects that work to guide private and public companies through their growth initiatives. Mr. Bowman graduated from the University of Miami with a Bachelor of Arts degree in marketing.