We provide comprehensive financial solutions for high net worth individuals and families.

At Gentry we offer guidance on our clients’ financial needs, and we develop lasting relationships founded on shared values and a complete understanding of our clients’ goals. Our team of financial professionals have the skill set to tackle complex issues and deliver a clear, precise solution. Gentry’s team of professionals pride themselves in building hand-crafted solutions that range from Investment Management, Tax Planning, Estate & Succession Planning, Philanthropic Planning, Insurance Solutions, Alternative Investments, Private Equity and Financial & Retirement Planning.

Financial and Retirement Planning

Retirement is formally defined as the point when one ceases employment completely. The fact of the matter is that real life retirement cannot be so simply stated. At Gentry, among our strongest assets is the personal approach we emphasize on everything we do. We are a firm that gets to know you and all of your needs and desires that must be considered to comprise a financial plan for your retirement, no matter how you define it.

Estate andSuccession Planning

Have you considered and implemented a plan that effectively manages and protects your family assets after you no longer wish or are able to administer them? Perhaps you have a business that also requires a proper process in place that identifies and defines the individuals who will step up to new responsibilities. Gentry works with you to define the clear objectives and solutions that accompany your estate and succession planning. The implementation of such a plan is a critical component to your financial map as well as to your overall peace of mind.

Insurance Solutions

Gentry places material emphasis on the risk aspect of the risk-reward equation. Financial, pure, and particular are three different types of risk that are considered in a financial plan that realistically considers the predictability of cash flow during and after your lifetime. Managing this risk, appraising and controlling it, is one of the key functions that Gentry serves in providing meaningful solutions for your specific goals.

Tax Planning

In simple terms, the goal of tax planning is to arrange your financial affairs in such a way as to minimize the amount of taxes that you pay. Therefore, structuring your financial plan in the most tax efficient manner possible plays a significant role in how Gentry approaches its function. Successful financial plans will have some tax consequence. The key is to consider the timing and type of income as well as considering the various types of expenditures.


We take a highly personalized approach to creating investment portfolios that take into consideration our clients' specific goals, risk tolerance, tax situation, growth expectations and liquidity requirements unique to each client. Gentry's seasoned team will then carefully implement an individualized portfolio designed to help our clients achieve their objectives and manage their wealth according to their evolving circumstances.

Philanthropic Planning

Whether you want to give immediately or through your estate, Gentry can guide you in developing a strategy that encompasses all of your wishes. Selecting and establishing the right philanthropic entity can be overwhelming, whether that be through family foundations, donor-advised funds, supporting organizations, charitable trusts and community foundations. Gentry’s team and its strategic partners will walk you through the different types of philanthropic entities and can help you develop and execute a strategy that takes into account all of your charitable goals.

Alternative Investments

Gentry incorporates these types of asset classes in its portfolios with the goal of providing supplementary, non-market correlated opportunities and returns. This approach differentiates Gentry from today’s marketplace advisory firms. We leverage strong relationships and seek out opportunities in niche areas with the intent to provide significant and unique value propositions to our clients.